Using hyperlink in help-system-addon

This app component looks very good and this is something i was looking for Thank you for bringing this.
I’m wondering if there is any option to use hyperlink to direct from one section to another section fo the help texts.

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I can understand the approach. Cuba uses Vaadin as UI technology. In Vaadin, it is not like a simple HTML page to have a page assigned to each link, or anchor tags can be used. That’ s why you have to build something special with vaadin/cuba. Which won’t be that easy. If you have an approach we can discuss about it, I will certainly be able to help you with the implementation. You can find the source code here:


actually this is already working, since CUBA has this built in Link Handler functionality.

When you add a link to a help text and enter “open?screen=dbchs$$Helptext-00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000” CUBA will open the corresponding help text as a new tab inside the application (just as we did with the “open on new tab button” for the whole context help).

So technically everything is in place.

See the following example:

But it might be worth creating a set of improvements here:

  1. allow the user to select an help text entry when entering the link - medium
  2. create a dedicated show screen (not the existing, since it shows all information of the context) for a single help text - easy
  3. follow the link in the context area and display the content there - hard (and probably not the right way anyways)


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Thank you Mario, agreed with all of them.

@Any comments on the proposed enhancements