Using Google Font in HTML to PDF report

Is there any detailed sample of how to use Google Font in a PDF report?

I’ve tried the documentation and only found something about font vaguely mentioned here

Reports which have a template in HTML format and the PDF output format do not always properly display fonts. To resolve this, add cuba/fonts subdirectory with required .ttf fonts to the Middleware configuration directory (tomcat/conf/app-core in default deployment configuration).

I could not locate such folder in my project.

You need to download the font file.
Then place this file to the server where the application is deployed.
Then set reporting.fontsDir application property to the value equal to the folder where custom font is located. The property may be set on deployment stage.

Sorry for the late reply. Could you give me an example? Is it possible to put the .ttf file in VAADIN/themes/halo/branding for example?

I am not sure if it’s possible to put the .ttf file into the project.
The file should be put directly on the file system of the server where the application is running.