Users do not persist in database


If I add some users to the application I saw that they do not persist in database (postgreSQL). They stay in the application memory? If I want to store them in the database, should I use a new Transaction in persistence context?

(If I add a new Entity (let say User) with (Edit and Browse) UIs , add new users from Administration tab, and I use the following code:

    private void onInitEntity(InitEntityEvent<User> event) {
   String loginname = userSession.getCurrentOrSubstitutedUser().getLogin();

I suppose that I only keep (save) the users in database but they are not active users (on the other deployment PCs)).

The same problem with the general Filters. They are not saved if I run the application to another PC.



Meantime I saw that users and filters are preserved in database (sec_filter, sec_user).
However if I want to grant a password for a particular user (let say only one month) what is the right approach?


click “Additional > Change password” in the Users browser.