User Task with Parallel Multi Type Instance and Completion Condition

Hi guys! I have a BPM Flow with a User Task with Multi Type Instance set to Parallel and completion condition set to ${nrOfCompletedInstances >= 1 }.
I assign the task to all users with a certain secRole but I need just one of them to complete it. Now everything works just fine, when somebody completes the task the flow continues… the only problem is that the other users that were initially assigned to the task continue to see the task in Process Tasks even if it was already solved.
Of course, if they want to complete it, they can’t because it doesn’t exist anymore (Unexpected error - ActivitiObjectNotFoundException: execution 2941 doesn’t exist).
Now according to Activiti documentation, A multi-instance activity ends when all instances are finished. However, it is possible to specify an expression that is evaluated every time one instance ends. When this expression evaluates to true, all remaining instances are destroyed and the multi-instance activity ends, continuing the process. Such an expression must be defined in the completionCondition child element.
Does anyone know how to workaround this inconvenince?


you are right, there is no listener that sets end date to uncompleted ProcTask objects. The bug will be fixed in the release 6.7. See the related issue.

Thanks for reporting!

If you can’t wait until then and need a workaround ASAP, I can explain what you can do.

Any ideea for the release date of 6.7?

Ty Max

End of October

Perfect, ty!

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: