User.edit view appears to be missing when extending user entity

Is there a guide to extending the user entity from Studio? I have been following some piece-meal advice with non ideal results. For example many place say to extend the user.edit view on the ExtUser Entity, however, I cannot see a way to do this in studio, user.edit is not an option (or any view associated with sec$user)

Thanks for any help you can provide. I’ve been spinning my wheels on this for awhile.

for some reason, the user.edit view is not an option to extend.

missing user edit viewextendedUser

Also any attempt to replace the parent user entity like the sample project, results in the application having an unexpected error on load.

I made a new empty project and user.edit is missing there as well


As you can see, the list of views contains 14 views, but only 10 (including the empty value) are visible. So, you can either scroll to see the others or just start typing to filter the views.

Could you clarify what Platform version do you use and what exception do you see? (you can find it in the logs project_home_dir/deploy/tomat/logs)


It is not in the list. Typing does not reveal it. It does show up in projects made in a previous version.

Could you clarify what Platform and Studio versions do you use? A small demo project which reproduces the problem is appreciated.

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Cuba Studio SE 6.8.3


Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the problem. I can see the user.edit view.


Try to update CUBA Studio. The latest version is 6.8.5.

I am using the Standalone Edition, I will download and try the standard studio and investigate.

I’ve tested with Studo SE and had no problem.

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Rebooting the machine solved the issue. Sorry for the false alarm. very peculiar.