Use of Data container and data source in the same screen

Is it possible using Data Container in a legacy screen where the data source is used? I tried to create but didn’t find any create option button like in the legacy version. Didn’t find any option in right-click.

Someone from Cuba will correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you can mix data sources and loaders/containers on the same page.


No, you cannot use datasources and data containers in the same screen. It is not supported by the framework. You either stick with a screen with datasources or migrate the entire screen to new API.

Might I ask why you need to do this, rather than just using the legacy stuff.

Thanks both.

I thought this could be a way for the transition where there are plenty of screens in an on going project and migration of screens to new version could open the door to use some new features.

Now, it’s clear that we have to migrate all those screens where we want those benefits.