Use of a component part of Vaadin (rather than separate addon)

Hi, I am considering using Vaadin Calendar (scheduler) in my project.

The page specifies that the addon is now deprecated and now integrated in vaadin 7.1.
If it was normal addon I would use the provided maven xml dependency in the download link,
but what should I use in this case?


Hi Mattias,

there is a sample application out there called “sample-timesheets” which already uses the calendar widget from vaadin. In studio you can just have a look at the samples tab in the first page and search for “timesheets”.

The code for integrating it you can find in the corresponding github repository.


Hi Mario,
Thank you for your reply. The ‘timesheets’ project code is indeed very helpful - thanks for pointing out.
So if I understand correctly I don’t need to add a new component through cuba-studio UI to use the calendar widget, as it is part of default vaadin components?



right, you don’t need to add any extra dependencies. The calendar widget is just not a CUBA widget but already included in the Vaadin dependency.


Ok! Now I understand. Many thanks for your kind help!