Use Cuba Studio + Platform within Vagrant

I was wondering if it would be possible to set up Cuba with a Vagrant VM running the latest Ubuntu LTS? I would think this should work as long as Java 8 is installed, but I’m not sure how I would start and stop the studio IDE without a UI ? If there were a way to start the studio from the command line then it would probably work, but again, I’m not sure how I would connect to Eclipse running on the host machine. The code would of course sit on the host machine (shared folders with Vagrant)
Any ideas/suggestions on how to accomplish this?



generally you can run studio via bin/studio -nogui from the command line. Additionally you have to configure that remote connection on studio is allowed (since you want to access it from the host) via a command line argument -Dstudio.connection.remote.enable=true or via STUDIO_OPTS environment variable.

more information about this can be found here: