Uploading of image files (tiff & bmb) fails

Hi out there,
I need to upload image files of several common formats and recognized a strange behavior. JPG, GIF, PNG are ok, but for TIFF and BMP the upload fails (browser initiates a download immediately after upload and there ist no file uploaded). Are there any handling differences with that formats, or depends it on (browser-) settings?
Any ideas?

As an answer to karmasmurillos04:
It’s not the download, …“I need to upload image files…”

Are you able to reproduce this problem in a small demo project?

meanwhile I’ve done a rework of the whole page. The remaining issue is still that TIFF formats (all others are ok) are not displayed. Are there any restrictions concerning TIFF and the IMAGE component?

The statements are
in the screen

                <column width="972px">
                        <image id="imgageView" width="705"/>

and the controller

private void onPdfUploadFieldValueChange(HasValue.ValueChangeEvent<FileDescriptor> event)  throws Exception {

    fd = event.getValue();


I suppose, TIFF files are just not displayed by the browsers…
The problem is widely known: tiff in browser - Google Suche

Thanks for the feedback