Upload button disabled for all user roles except Administrator

Hello! I’ve got a two separate upload areas. The project implements the Multitenancy Add-On, has two custom Access Groups, and two custom Roles (Local Admin and User). Both Local Admin and User can do everything else within the application except upload documents in either screen.

I went through the Roles details and everything seems to be allowed in the proper sections, but the Upload button is disabled unless I’m logged in as Administrator. Any ideas as to why this may be happening?

Thanks in advance!

To test this functionality, I created a test project with an attachment screen but without Multitenancy. I created a Local Admin role in the same way as my project above. Everything worked correctly. I then installed the Multitenancy Add-On, and experienced the same issue. Once I created a Tenant and added the Local Admin user to that tenancy, the upload buttons were magically disabled.

I would really love for someone to confirm this for me. It’s either a bug, or requires a fix that I’m unaware of.

Thanks again!

Hi @adam5sbass,

Such behavior happens because the FileDescriptor entity you use is not under tenant management. In other words it doesn’t have the tenantId field. In fact @mortozakhan closed this question here.

To achieve the desired result

  1. Create the ExtFileDescriptor entity, like it is shown below:
  2. Make sure all the annotations and other details of the entity class look as follows
  3. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Find an example here (310.4 KB) .

P.S. @evgeny.zaharchenko, could you please add such extended FileDescriptor implementation into the sample on GitHub.



Thank you so much for this solution. It works perfectly, and is very much appreciated!

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