Upload and multiUpload not allow to choose photo in ios11

I am trying to visit cuba html page in Ios App; the cuba hmtl contains upload or multiupload to allow user to select file/photo . But in ios, the upload control pops-up three memu: 1take photo 2, select photo, 3. select file; but in the select photo page, it only display photos, but no “select” button displayed to allow user to select. User can only take photo or select file.

The cuba source code:

multiUpload colspan="3" id="multiUploadField" fileSizeLimit="200000000" caption="UploadMultipleFiles" 

In ios, traced the html infomation:

In ios10, it works well.

How to fix this issue?

And I found similar issue from website, but in Cuba, I don’t know how to fix with below way…


Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the problem. I tried to upload files in iOS 11.3 and everything works fine. In the Photo Library page I can select any photo, click Done and this photo will be uploaded successfully:

To set the file type mask in the file selection dialog you can use the accept XML attribute (and the corresponding setAccept() method).
The value of the attribute should be a comma-separated list of masks. For example:

Thanks for your prompt reply. Did you try in Safari? It works in Safari, but not work while the html embeded in ios App via UIWebView or WKWebView.

Meanwhile, I will try the setAccept() method.


it was caused by iOS side issue.

Hi, can you please share how did you fix this? What is the side issue? Please share as much details as possible. We experience the same problem with React JS. Thanks!

Hi Boris,
My fix may not help you . It was caused by a developer made a trick in his code; he made the button(back and select) not visible.