Upgraded studio to version 6.10.0, and now i am trying to create a new project but getting an error

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After I upgraded my studio to version 6.10.0, i have been trying to create a new project but it keeps giving me an error that:
Unable to create project
build.gradle not found in my project folder

Please help, I don’t understand what build.gradle not found means.


Thank you in advance


Thank you for reporting the problem. To fix it, stop all java processes from the Task manager, then uninstall all Studio from your computer, after that download a new version from the website and install it.

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Good day @firstova
Thank you for your response. It worked.
One more small question. I am trying to assemble the project so it downloads all the required resources but I keep getting this error “SSL peer shut down incorrectly” in the studio and downloads are terminated. What does it mean and how do we solve it?

Thank you in advance

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Could you please clarify, maybe you use a proxy server to connect to the internet?
If so, some Java system properties must be passed to the JVM running Studio and Gradle. These properties are explained here: Java Networking and Proxies (see properties for HTTP and HTTPS protocols).

It is recommended to set these properties system-wide in the JAVA_OPTS environment variable. The Studio launch script passes JAVA_OPTS to the Java executable.