Upgrade Problem Reports 7.2.4 to 7.2.13

I wrote an application with 7.2.4 and It worked fine so far. But now I get an exception when I try to run the reports. I am using postgres DB and the report exception is:

An error occurred while loading data for band [bk] and query [bk]. Report name  
An error occurred while loading data for data set [bk]
Der in SQL für eine Instanz von   
com.haulmont.cuba.core.sys.persistence.PostgresUUID zu verwendende Datentyp 
kann nicht abgeleitet werden. Benutzen Sie 'setObject()' mit einem expliziten Typ, um 
ihn festzulegen. Query: SELECT credit as "credit", 
 month_ as "month", 
 total_payments as "totalPayments", 
 total_demand as "demand",
 heating_costs as "realHeating",
 result_operating_costs as "realOperating",
 cold_water_costs as "realColdWater",
 warm_water_costs as "realWarmWater",
 costs.year_ as "year",
 costs.total_costs as "totalOperating",
 contract.name as "contractName",
 contract.distribution as "dist",
 contract.iban as "ibanContract",
 apartment.square_meter as "sqm",
 apartment.name as "apartment",
 adr.street as "street",
 adr.zip_code as "zipCode",
 adr.street_no as "streetNo",
 adr.city as "city",
 invoice.additional_costs_id as "costsId"
FROM public.facility_utility_invoice invoice
JOIN facility_additional_costs costs on invoice.additional_costs_id = costs.id
JOIN facility_contract contract on invoice.contract_id = contract.id
JOIN facility_apartment apartment on contract.apartment_id = apartment.id
JOIN facility_apartment_house house on house.id = apartment.apartment_house_id
JOIN facility_address adr on adr.id = house.address_id
where invoice.id = ? Parameters: [dd3e264c-1d7b-bf5f-ab90-49f5650152f6]

For me the message means that i have to use a type conversion somewhere. But I have no glue where the source of the error is. Is it a DB problem (i updated postgres but I did not change the schema). Any ideas would be helpful.

It’s hard to help without sample.
The SQL query looks fine.
Is it the only report using such kind of UUID parameter that fails with error?


I fixed the problem by rewriting the report in groovy.

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