Upgrade 7.1.4 to 7.2: table width doesn't work anymore. Only showing one table column

After the very difficult upgrade from 7.1.4 to 7.2 I have big problems (not only) with tables, e. g. in browser screens.

Before I used the following:

<groupTable … width=“100%”>

With 7.1.4 the table showed all columns and the screen nicely fitted in the web browser window.

After the migration to 7.2 only one column is visible and the width of the table seems to be endless.

Could you please support me in fixing this problem. Thanks.

P.S.: Just found out, that this is caused by the user settings “Main Window Mode = Single Window”. Hopefully there is a solution?


Thank you for reporting the problem, I’ve created a GitHub issue.


Hi Gleb,

thanks for the reply and taking care.

Best Regards

Could you shed some light on what was particularly difficult? We would appreciate your feedback.


Hi Both,
many thanks for fixing the problem with the table width in the new version!
@Konstantin: Did you receive my general feedback via email?
BR, uwe

I would also like to know what was difficult about the upgrade since I’m contemplating it.

No. Could you please repeat it? You can reach me here by a direct message or at info@cuba-platform.com.