Updating an inner datasource

Hello, i’m having an issue updating an inner datasource in my app.
I create an outer entity, which consists of other entities, let’s say order and orderline's (one-to-many, composition). So i want to edit orderlines right from my order edit screen, where i show order info, a table of orderlines and and a groupbox with orderline's properties. The only exception from the default implementation is that my edit button is custom.
Everything goes fine while i don’t try to edit existing orderline from that big order edit screen. as i press OK button in orderline editor - nothing happens on order editor screen (but if i enter orderline editor again - i see edited property).
I already added a couple of datasource refreshers in close-with-commit listener but nothing worked… I’ll attach my sample project for you to see, if you don’t mind
properties-proxy-show.zip (80.3 KB)

Hi Ivan,

What is the reason for you to use a custom action? You could have used the standard EditAction and customize it for your needs, and no additional logic for refreshing the datasource is needed in this case.
Just a topic for inspiration.

As for your sample, to refresh the inner datasource, you need to refresh the parent datasource as well. So, the OuterEntityEdit code may look like this:

public class OuterEntityEdit extends AbstractEditor<OuterEntity> {
    private GroupDatasource<ComplexEntity, UUID> entriesDs;
    private Datasource<OuterEntity> outerEntityDs;
    private Table<ComplexEntity> entriesTable;

    private TextField tfd;
    private TextField tfi;
    private TextField tfs;

    public void onCustomEdit() {
        ComplexEntity entry = entriesTable.getSingleSelected();
        if (entry == null) return;
        AbstractEditor editor = openEditor(entry, WindowManager.OpenType.DIALOG);
        editor.addCloseWithCommitListener(() -> {


I use a custom action, cos in my main project the standard EditAction is used for other case. Thanks for the answer, i’ll try it