Updates on dynamic attribute fields not working through REST API

I have added some dynamic attributes to my entities. The Creation and Updation of the Entity from the CUBA UI works. From REST API creation of the entity with dynamic attribute works but when i update it fails to persist the changes. I did a light debugging and found out the the attribute is in fact persisted in table sys_attr_value but with a bad value in entity_id. From the UI the entity_id is correctly persisted.

Example update payload through API
URL: http:///v2/entities/test$Organization/3671f693-4507-968a-2527-ecb58e3699e4
PAYLOAD: {"+OrganizationLocationType": “Office”}

Am using version 6.8.4.

Any updates on this?

Thank you for reporting the problem.
Created issue: https://youtrack.cuba-platform.com/issue/PL-10614, we’ll try to fix it for the next 6.8 update.

Any ETA on when 6.8.6 will arrive. We are waiting very eagerly for this fix :sweat::sweat:

Definitely next week!