Update docs on Related Entities processing to warn against "Unable to unlink nested collection item"

As stated in the title, this is mainly a documentation issue…
Nowhere in the docs you say that setting the @OnDelete(DeletePolicy.UNLINK) policy on a collection property (X-TO-MANY) always raises an UnsupportedOperationException with the message “Unable to unlink nested collection items”

For what I can see in the sources, this is effectively unsupported, and that’s ok (you should traverse the relation and cycle through the dependants, and that’s not trivial), but please add a clear note against this in the docs.


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Hi Paolo,

We have updated the documentation following your suggestion.

Hi there!

I encountered the same Error. I’m not quite sure why ondelete(unlink) is not supported on X_TO_MANY relationships. Is it by design or is it a feature that is not implemented yet? It would really help me in my project if i was able to use ondelete(unlink).