Unsupported PK Type MSSQL Server Generate Model from Database


I am evaluating CUBA for developing extensions to our ERP application. Therefor I must import parts of the existing database which is an Microsoft SQL Server DB into CUBA. I get import errors saying “unsupported pk type” for some tables. This happens, when column type for pk column has the datatype decimal (7,0).

Is there a way to get CUBA to accept this? If not I cannot use it at all.

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Thank you for reporting the problem. We have created a YouTrack issue.
We are planning to fix it in the next Studio maintenance release.

Hi, Decimal and Numeric PK (with the zero scale) are supported in Studio since the version 6.7.6.
The types are mapped to Integer or Long depending on precision.
Could you please try to generate model again using new Studio? Feel free to report any further problems - we will take a look.