Unresolved class references in code editor

When I opened the project in idea the libraries related to haulmont are in red colour.

Please advise.


Which idea should I install?

Hi @neutrino, verify that the JDK route is configured.

Project Structure - Platform Setting / SDKs


Nelson F.

Thank you!
How can I configure JDK route?



On the same screen you can add the route to the JDK. Just click on the add icon. Verify well that if you have installed the JDK

JDK is already installed in /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle


is very strange because for instance debug is working, import another libraries is ok (java.math.BigDecimal;) except that I cannot access haulmont libraries (methods).
Cuba plugin is installed.
If I open a Cuba sample project it’s ok. This problem happens only for my (working) project.
Recently I 've changed username of my computer.

The problem comes from Libraries. Instead of Libraries
I have External Libraries.


The solution:
Go to terminal in root project directory and from there:

gradle cleanIdea 
gradle idea

Please be aware that gradle idea task works only together with Studio 6.x.

For opening projects based on CUBA 6.10+ in the new Studio 7+ use these instructions.