Unfetched attribute error in Entity Inspector

I am getting “IllegalStateException: Cannot get unfetched attribute [amounts] from detached object” in the Entity Inspector when I’m logged in as an admin.

My actual application is working fine. I have set up the view so that it pulls in the amounts list. I just want to make sure this isn’t an indication of some other problem.

Are these sorts of errors to be expected in Entity Inspector because it doesn’t know exactly what view to use so it uses _local and therefore runs into the unfetched attribute error?


It is very strange. Entity inspector builds its own views for the selected entity and relations. All the displayed properties are included to them, so the “unfetched attribute” exception should newer occur.

Could you please provide some more details:

  1. Which version of the platform do you use?

  2. Could you describe your entities? Is the “amounts” attribute a list of other entities? (one_to_many association)

  3. Which entity do you open in the Entity Inspector? Where the error occurs: on the entity browse-screen or on the entity edit-screen?