unexpected Error

GuiDevelopmentException: Property ‘name’ is not found in entity ‘testingmanual$Order’

Frame ID: testingmanual$Cusomer.edit
XML descriptor: com/company/testingmanual/web/cusomer/cusomer-edit.xml

What exactly is the question about it? It seems that the Order entity doesn’t have an attribute ‘name’ but you added it to the customer-edit.xml (probably in the fieldGroup). You should give us a little bit more context and a concrete question as well, in order to answer your question properly…


testingmanual is my project name and also db name . so when i want to create a customer in gui it give me above error .

i am following quick start tutorial


It seems that your database does not correspond to the data model of your project. Try to update it:

  1. Stop the Tomcat server.
  2. Press the “Generate DB scripts” link on the Entities tab in Studio. Database manager will be opened. There you can observe the generated update-scripts.
  3. Press “Update database” on the top of the screen.

@Rostislav …i did as you said but same error is still existing there .