Unexpected error please contact system administrator

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I am getting error when I start the project. The error says: Unexpected error Please contact system administrator.

In Intellij IDE the error is: Could not get resource ‘https://repo.cuba-platform.com/content/groups/premium/com/haulmont/charts/charts-global/6.5.8/charts-global-6.5.8.pom’.

I am attaching the logs to this post.

I would be glad, if anyone could help me to figure out the solution for this issue.

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In the logs.txt I see that OJDBC driver is not found. Try to fix it:

  1. Put the driver into ~/.haulmont/studio/libs and ${project_root}/tomcat/lib.
  2. Stop Gradle daemon (kill the corresponding java process).
  3. Restart Studio.


Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I downloaded ojdbc6.jar and copied to tomcat, stopped gradle and restarted studio.

The first exception in the log file, “java.lang.RuntimeException: cuba configuration node not found” means that the “cuba” block is incorrect in the project build.gradle
Check build.gradle in the “zeus-v2” project. There should be something like:

cuba {
    artifact {
        group = 'com.company.untitled'
        version = '0.1'
        isSnapshot = true
    tomcat {
        dir = "$project.rootDir/deploy/tomcat"

The second error (in the “workshop” project) occurred during Build -> Create or update IDEA execution_. The reason of the fault should be shown in Studio messages.

The third error occurred when Run->Start application server

Consider the “Could not get resource ‘https://repo.cuba-platform.com/content/groups/premium/com/haulmont/charts/charts-global/6.5.8/charts-global-6.5.8.pom” error:
Do you launch the build task from the terminal in IDE?
When you use premium add-ons you should specify credentials (which are parts of your licence key) when running the tasks. See the documentation: https://doc.cuba-platform.com/manual-6.8/access_to_repo.html


The problem is solved by reversing back to previous version and doing some corrections in DB.

Thank you very much for assistance,