Unexpected error in Login screen #1732

Hi guys.

I have some problem. Let’s I describe it step by step.
I need expand sec@user entity by some new fields (in this case it is association to other entity).
So I was create new entity VMUser and set ‘Parent class’ = ‘User [sec$User]’. It is ok.
Then, I want create - browse - edit VMUser entity, so I deside extend screens
‘user-browse.xml : sec$User.browse’ -> sec$User.browse
‘user-edit.xml : sec$User.edit’ -> villamart$VMUser.edit
It’s also ok.
Then in screen sec$User.browse in datasource tab. For user datasource I have change entity type from sec$user to VMUser. and set corresponding view. When I press “Apply” button in studio. And return back to datasource tab. You can see 2 datasources:
So, obviously, studio not override data source for form sec$User.browse. They create new, and it seems it not what developer want to see.
But it not a problem.
Go to XML tab and change
'<groupDatasource id=“vMUsersDS” ’ TO
‘<groupDatasource id=“usersDS”’
return to Datasources tab and see all it’s ok now.
Repeat this operation in ‘villamart$VMUser.edit’ screen and all of it works fine.

After several launches, I see in tomcat console window ERROR.
16:11:09.191 WARN c.h.c.security.app.LoginWorkerBean - Failed to authenticate: anonymous
16:11:09.197 ERROR c.h.c.security.app.LoginWorkerBean - Unable to login anonymous session
com.haulmont.cuba.security.global.LoginException: Unknown login name or bad password: anonymous
And application become unable to show login screen.

I have erase my ‘sec$User.browse’ and ‘villamart$VMUser.edit’ clear project, clear DB (for CUBA create chema). And it become work.
But after several experiment’s brake again. And now. clearing project, clearing DB now working.
I have try to change MySQL to HSQLDB but it’s no result.

I have attach my cleared project. I have erased all windows except ‘sec$User.browse’ and ‘villamart$VMUser.edit’ windows. But you can erase it too but problem not disappeared…

villamartbackend3clear2.zip (2.0M)


Thank you for reporting the problem. I have reproduced it on your sample project. In my environment the error occurred only once.

Try to upgrade to platform 6.5 (RC is available now). The anonymous session initialisation mechanism was changed there and the issue should not occur.


:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: