Undo/Redo functionality in CUBA Studio Designer


I’d really enjoy having an undo/redo functionality inside the CUBA Studio designer. Sometimes I accidentally move items inside the component tree, press wrong buttons or even worse. In those cases I’d enjoy having a basic redo/undo functionality to fix mistakes without having IntelliJ IDEA opened to work as a history workhorse for the CUBA designer. :wink: The latter is an option for me atm but it’s not comfortable.

Thanks for making CUBA Platform/Studio available to the masses!

Hi Marcel,

Thank you for your kind words and for raising this question.

I agree that Undo/Redo actions would be very useful in the screen layout designer, so I’ll create an issue.

In fact, Studio already has some features that can save you from using IntelliJ local history. First of all, you can always look at the current changes in the edited item comparing to the saved state: see Show changes button next to Close*. Second, you can turn on “local history” in Studio: select *Help > Settings > Keep local history of changes checkbox. A quote from context help:

If the Keep local history of changes checkbox is selected, Studio saves current state of the project when it changes something, e.g. on saving entities or screens. Additionally, you can create history revisions by clicking on the bookmark button in the toolbar. The list of revisions with the ability to rollback to any revision can be opened from the recent projects list - see the button on the right side of the selected row. The local history repository is located in the .studio/local_history subdirectory of the project.

Hi Konstantin,

thanks for clarification! The local history feature really helps, I missed it somehow. If there was an additional undo/redo function in the designer then it would be nearly perfect. :slight_smile:

Thanks and best wishes to the guys behind the scenes!

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:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: