Unable to resolve CUBA project


Last time I updated my CUBA plugin to the latest version. However, the plugin does not seem to work as expected.


I already put the credentials for premium subscription inside ~/.gradle/gradle.properties but it is still not working.

Could anyone please help me to solve this issue?

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Could you please provide more details?
What is the CUBA Studio plugin version, CUBA Platform version in the project?
The build.gradle file sources will be also very helpful.
Another point is the gradle wrapper version. Please run gradlew --version in the project dir to get the version.
Make sure “Use Gradle wrapper (recommended)” option selected in the Gradle Settings of the IDE.


CUBA Studio plugin version: v10.1-183
CUBA Platform version in the project: 6.10.5
Gradle wrapper version: 4.6

Below is the build.gradle file:
build.gradle (7.5 KB)


It seems that the exception appears when Studio resolves some repository defined in build script. But the repositories defined in the build.gradle look perfectly normal.
Don’t you have any additional repositories defined in your environment gradle file?


Yeah. It’s the company repository.

Could you please provide this repository definition syntax?

maven {
credentials(AwsCredentials) {


Thanks again.

There is a bug in Studio. It fails to resolve repository with AWS credentials.
The issue will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks :slight_smile: