Unable to open the project


I wanted to open an older project, which I downloaded here, in the forum, and somewhen ago I could open it, I get an error message in the Cuba Studio:
“Unable to open the project
The project uses an application component that is not supported by this version of Studio or was not found in both local Maven and Index of /groups/work repository.”
I exactly wanted to open the project which was attached here and I did not modify that. If I download again, and Import again it still do not opens.
I use 6.5.0 Cuba Studio.


Please change ext.cubaVersion value from ‘6.0.8’ to ‘6.0.9’ in downloaded project build.gradle file.

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Thank you so much.
So it will work with every project which has this error?
In this case it worked.

In your case downloaded project has CUBA Platform artifacts version 6.0.8, that is not contained in repo.cuba-platform.com repository
List of available platform artifacts versions for given repository you can see in ‘Platform version’ dropdown in New project window or Project properties page.