Unable to open project

Today, after reopening the project, I got an error stating “4.3.1-all is not a valid Gradle version string” and I should check the repository settings.

To be clear, I didn’t change a thing since the last session.This text will be hidden

Checking the repository didn’t do anything (seemed ok and I’m not able to change it anyway).

From the command line I can still build the project and also cleaned the project (gradlew clean). Also, I reinstalled Cuba Studio. Finally, I fiddled with the gradle version as set in the project but that didn’t do anything either. Moreover, the error message remains exactly the same.

Creating a new project works fine and I checked the build.gradle files to check for anything odd but there was none.

So, all without success and the problem remains the same.

Please help as I do not know what to check next. Attached is the gradle.build file.

Also, could you point out where to find the studio log file? I cannot find it anywhere.

build.gradle (8.7 KB)

Sure, after spending the whole morning to fix the issue, I got a solution five minutes later after posting this request…

It turns out that in gradle\wrapper\gradle-wrapper.properties there was a reference to 4.3.1-all instead of 4.3.1. Changing it fixed the issue.

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@b.tel, thanks for posting a problem! It will help to resolve the same problem for new developers later.

You may find logs at your home folder:
~/.haulmont/studio/logs (show hidden files, Alt+.in Linux, Cmd+shift+. in Mac)
%USER_PROFILE%/.haulmont/studio/logs in Windows (do not forget to show hidden files, sorry don’t remember how to do it :wink:)

Hi, thanks for the info - will help to solve future problems!

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