Unable to open Login page

I am having problem with displaying my application.
When i want to open the web client instead of the login page I am receiving “Unexpected Error please contact system administrator”.
I am working with CUBA V. 6.4.2 .
Please find attach my app.log.
Thank you!

app.log (190.5K)


Could you tell us more about the project? Did you migrate it from the previous version? Could you reproduce the same problem in a sample project?

Hi Yuriy!

Well I didnt migrate it form a previous version. One day i was able to open the web client of the project i am working with, the other i couldnt.

Other projects are working fine.

Please find attached the project i’m working with.

CC_Pay.zip (165.3K)

Have you tried to/removed anonymous user in the database? It seems that it is removed and the middleware couldn’t load anonymous system session.


I don`t remember removing anonymous user form sec_user table if that is what you meant.

If that is the problem, how can i re-add the anonymous user ? Adding it from the DB does not work due to the ID field.

thank you!

You can insert anonymous user manually using one of the 160725-anonymousLogin.sql scripts. You can find it in your local tomcat instance tomcat/webapps/app-core/WEB-INF/db/10-cuba/update/<your_db>. That should fix the issue.

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem. If you have additional details please share them.

Thank you for your help! The issue is solved :slight_smile: