Unable to login as user,name has upper cases

In WebDav WebdavUserDetailsServiceBean, the query is a “where u.loginLowerCase = :username” and the parameter is “.setParameter(“username”, username)”
The username variable is not set to lower case (at least this is what I see when I debug). This prevents my users to access webdav.
Not sure if the toLower should be done there when passing the parameter or is it expected to have it lower case already before?

Hello, @thierry.

Thank you for issue reporting. The request is created.

Yes, the username parameter should be in lower case.

Hello, @thierry!

The bug is fixed. We’ll let you know when we publish the update.

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Hi @zharenov,

Do you have any idea when the new release will be available?
Also will it support Cuba 7?


Good news!
The release and the updated component for Cuba 7 are both already in testing.

I hope we’ll let you know very soon.
Thanks for waiting!

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Sorry for the delay, please.

New releases are:
2.2.1 for 6.10
2.3.0 for 7.0

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact me.

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Thanks for the update (Sorry I was on holiday :wink: ) Will try it out!

Also the add-on is marked compatible with version 7 (WebDAV – CUBA Platform but still mention version 2.2.0) , and doc is not inline:
WebDAV Add-on Manual does not mention 2.3.0 (nor 2.2.1) - probably not updated yet.

Kind regards