Unable to find an instance of type 'class com.company.sheelcompliance.UserSessionExistsException'

I am trying to implement login restriction as per GitHub - cuba-platform/sample-login-restrictions: Customizing the user login procedure. I have UserSessionExistsException file in global module but when running the application, I am getting this error. There is no error shown in cuba and said file is imported by import com.company.sheelcompliance.UserSessionExistsException;

How to solve this issue? Do I have to add this file in a particular way or make any other entry?

PS - I have updated this project from 7.0 to 7.2.4 and same system was running in old project.


The problem is faced when new login screen with branding image is used but works well with simple login screen.

How to implement login restriction demo project with login screen with branding image?

It is hard to investigate your problem without any exception log and demo project.
So I’ve created a demo project using platform 7.2.4 and new login screen with branding image. All restrictions work well for me.
See my demo project here GitHub - natfirst/demo-restriction