Unable to create anonymous session Caused by: Unknown column 'DTYPE' in 'field list'

So here’s a strange problem that I have encountered:

  1. Application works well when started from studio.

  2. When I deploy to the server (uberjar deployment), I get an unable to obtain anonymous session exception but that’s not the strange part.

I extended the sec$user entity to ExtUser on my application and on the logs, I see that it is complaining about:

Unknown column 'DTYPE' in 'field list'

Now, what I find strange is because I have dropped the database and recreated it again from studio. I have literally tried everything I can to deploy it afresh and it has failed.

Attached is the app.log.
app.log (97.1 KB)

ExtUser Entity:

SecUser Table:

Hello @kenince.mbithi

Could you clarify what version of platform do you use?

Is this issue reproduced for new projects?


Hello @tsarev,

I am using version 6.10.1 but after almost feeling hopeless and about to give up, I figured out what I was doing wrong.

Instead of generating the environment file for UberJar (see below) since I was deploying a jar file, I was mistakenly generating one for WAR. So everytime I build UberJar, it was being compiled with details of the previous database connections.


That’s a day that I will never recover :sob: :frowning_face:

Thanks all the same.

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