Unable to connect to the IDE. Check if the IDE is running and CUBA Plugin is installed

hello i want open studio code in ide my setting here =>
IDEon port 48561
ide :eclipsh
i have follow all step of developer manual -> IDE Integration but not open code when i clicked IDE label in my project
please help me…

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Hi Sandip,
Eclipse is not as proactive as IntelliJ IDEA and doesn’t go to the foreground when you click the “IDE” button in Studio, but your source code is still opened there.
Do you have a Welcome tab opened in Eclipse? Normally, when you close it, you will see behind all your project filed opened.
Please let us know if it works for you.


I click on the IDE button but nothing opens in Eclipse IDE without any message. Cuba plugin for Eclipse installed and active (telnet can connect to it).
What’s wrong?

Hi Evgeny,

Close the Welcome screen and check if your project files are listed in the File menu of Eclipse.