UberJar deployment


I somehow tend to think that deployment on Tomcat server is more suitable for an enterprise application than UberJar. The one issue I had with UberJar is that starting the application required executing two Jar files separately. With the platform version 6.6, this is no longer an issue and UberJar is looking more attractive for me.

What is the built-in web server used in UberJar deployment?

What are are pros and cons of UberJar compared to Tomcat deployment?

Should one chose to deploy multiple applications using UberJar, I know two possible ways to do this:

  • Execute multiple applications (one Jar for each app) on the same server using different ports
  • Host each application on it's own server
The second option can make the administrator's job more complex but using containers like LXC will make it more manageable. What is the possibility of compiling a "super UberJar"? (one Jar containing multiple applications)

Hi Willie,

You are right, the single UberJAR can now contain all blocks of the application including Polymer UI if it exists.

UberJAR uses Jetty 9.2.21 with a modification fixing the resources loading performance.

Regarding a “super” UberJAR combining several applications - we don’t have any plans for it.