UberJar Custom 404 Page

Hi there,

I’m trying to setup my uberjars with a custom 404 error page. I’ve tried setting the error page in error-page property in the web.xml for both core and web projects, as well as setting it up in the jetty-env.xml file as per the Jetty instructions. However, the default Jetty 404 page is displayed. Anybody have any tips on how to to this?



If you mean “server-level 404 error” like described here:

(referring to /abcd/efgh when main web application is located on /app)

Then UberJar doesn’t allow you to configure additional root application or specify custom ErrorHandler.

To have full configuration capabilities, you need to switch to using raw Jetty or Tomcat and deploy single WAR to one of these servers.

Hi Alex, OK, understood. Thanks for taking the time to have a look. J.