Turning off or overwrite auto-correction validatioin in textfields

I’m using my own input validation using a keyListener on text Fields. I’m running into problems as Cuba runs it’s own input correction to input fields (particularly those linked to data of value Double or Int). I would like to overwrite or turn off Cuba’s auto-correction.

Thanks for your continuous support.

Hi Ned,
The binding of visual components to data is now designed in such a way that entered values are immediately set to entity attributes when a field loses focus or user presses Enter. It means that string values must be convertible to data types of entity attributes. In fact, CUBA does not apply any validators on this stage, it just tries to convert string values to data types of corresponding entity attributes.
If you need some special handling of a string value before storing it in, say, Integer attribute, create a standalone not bound TextField, add a ValueChangeListener to it and do what you want in its valueChanged() method.