Troubles with providing datacontainer for fragment

Hello to everyone! I hope someone helps me to solve issue in my project:
well, I have entity DocumentTemplate which contains List from entity DocumentLine
And I created created custom editor for “DocumentTmplate” which name is “DocumentTmplateToPaperEdit” where I put a fragment(DocumentLineFragment) with fields of DocumentLine. This fragment can create another fragment and on selection “hasChildren” it creates similar fragment - DocumentLineSubPointFragment. But the data I put doesn’t save to db
I tried to privide container but I it gave no result

I’ll be very grateful for every your answer,Oleg

here a zip-file with my project (90.1 KB)


Please provide the working test project and describe steps to reproduce the problem.

Your current project does not allow me to enter DocumentLine (no such screen).
Also, please use a standard repo instead of the custom one.

I changed repo in the project and I supposed to create DocumentLine entities with screen DocumentTemplateEdit (I decided to remove screen “DocumentTmplateToPaperEdit” ). That’s why I dont need in DocumentLine basic (91.0 KB)

I still see some non-standard repos in your project (, We don’t run projects with non-standard repos because it’s not secure. Please use the ones described here: Configuring Access to Repository - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

Also, please describe steps to reproduce the problem. I mean in the form like “open screen A, do B, then do C, then you get error D but expected result is E”.