Trouble with deep linking


I’m having some difficulty with the deep linking functionality of CUBA on my application which is configured to operate from the root path of the server.

When accessing it like this:$Name&params=

It returns a “302: Found” http response, with a blank Location: header

If I access it like this:$Name&params=

It seems to operate on the first time it is called, but not on subsequent calls. There also seems to be some strange sharing of data behind the scenes. When I get the call to work a different time (with different ) it seems to be re-using the data from the previous call.

Is there anything in the configuration I should be checking?

Many thanks

I should say, when running locally on a http://localhost:8080/app URL, the logic seems to operate flawlessly.

Thank you for reporting the problem. The issue will be fixed in future releases.

Thanks for letting me know. It’s great to hear that it’ll be fixed.

Can I ask when you intend to release the fix?

I have a fairly aggressive release schedule for my CUBA application (looking to test this functionality now, with a release due in the next few weeks) and this functionality is quite fundamental to how it links with our CRM system.


The issue is not scheduled for any release yet, but we will try to provide a fix in the next release, that we plan to roll out by mid-August.

I’m quite sure you know, but let me sound a workaround: you can deploy your application under app context (as it works locally) and this problem will disappear.


I just wanted to thank you for release 6.2.3. This has fixed the issue.