Trouble with Access Groups in sceens

I’m not sure whether it bug or not. I have develope some screen (screen1) for entity$Car. That entity has some constraints which work properly in other screens but in screen1 I have used with a strange request in the XML file:

<data readOnly="false">
    <collection id="carssDc"
	<loader id="carDl">
                <![CDATA[select distinct car from enity$CompanyCar cc 
                join entity$Car car on = 
                where in

I get result without constraints if I will change join and began selection from entity$Car constraints work again. I have no problem with it just would like to inform you about it.

Hello @marat_gasanyan

Could you describe what constraints are not working?


This xml file belong to the Car.browser of the (pojo class). The EnityCar has attribute executor_id. We have constraints which looked like:

{E}.executor_id = :session$userGroupId

So, when I use request like in the topic the constraint doesn’t work. It means that users see all Car from DB. When I change request to

select distinct car from entity$Car car  
                join enity$CompanyCar cc on = 
                where in ...........

The constraint begins to work properly. So, users are able to see just cars which is allowed to them.