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Given the spanish translation from github branche v6.7, i wrote full translation for 6.8, adding BPM, FTS, Reports and Charts. I’m sure it needs some reviews, but the current state is acceptable. How can i add to GitHub Cuba translations?

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hi, did you cloned the repo directly from github (GitHub - cuba-platform/translations: Translations for the CUBA Platform screens and UI components)

The way it works is, you create a fork (top right in the github web UI). After that it is in under your own namespace. Next you add your changes to the correct branch, push it to your namespace and then via the Github UI create a pull request.

Here are some articles from github regarding this workflow:



Thank you very much :smiley: :+1:

Something wrong with the translation. Some messages doesn’t work. I’m comparing with other translations to find where’s the issue. In example BPM Deploy button doesnt got localizaed message. With BPM Model Browse field headers the same… and so on.

Note: Github translations folder structure isn’t the same as created from CollectxxxMessages.bat. I don’t know if that matters

All files reviewed and confirmed it works. Commited and Pull requested.

Nevertheless, there are still some messages not translated. Mainly at Report editor main screen. I compared file per file and line per line, all seems fine, but…