Translation add-on not work on Windows

Hi Team,

Please find attached project with BProc add-on and Chinese translation add-on. There is a problem when running the project in Studio, the most of the translation doesn’t work.

The project runs fine on MacOS, all menu and most of the table headers are translated(though some of the fields remains untranslated):

But in Windows, the translations are not work(though some of the fields translated):

On both systems using the same Studio version:
IDEA 2021.3

The project: (94.5 KB)

Chinese trans add-on repo:

Hello @hanbing.yin,

It seems that inside your translation add-on you are using not correct package for WEB module messages. Currently for both global and web modules you have packages names like src/com/haulmont/addon/bproc:


It leads to unpredictable loading order for messages and missing one of them. I’m sure that for Mac you have unlocalized names for entities attributes. Is it so?

It’s necessary to place messages for web module inside additional package web, like we have in cuba-translation - translations/content/en/bproc/1.2/modules at master · cuba-platform/translations · GitHub

It should definitely solve the problem.

Hi @a.artemev,

Thanks for the explanation, yes, you’re right, we missed the additional web package. Now everything works great after adding the missing package.