@Transient annotation getting repeatedly removed when toggling between text/designer view

When I toggle between Text and Designer view of an Entity with Transient attributes, the @Transient annotation keeps being removed from all of them. I have to remember to keep putting it back…

Could you show the code of the entity class header and a couple of attributes where the annotation is removed by Studio?

Sure thing -

package com.medflex.medflexj.entity.invoice;

(imports, lots of)

@NamePattern("%s (%s)|number,phase")
@Table(name = "MEDFLEXJ_INVOICE", indexes = {
        @Index(name = "IDX_MEDFLEXJ_INVOICE_ON_PATIENT_ID_NUMBER_", columnList = "PATIENT_ID, NUMBER_"),
@Entity(name = "medflexj_Invoice")
public class Invoice extends StandardEntity {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 4088782201429254801L;

Transient 1:

    @MetaProperty(related = "lines")
    public BigDecimal getBaseTotalAmount() {

Transient 2:

    @MetaProperty(related = "lines")
    public BigDecimal getTotalWriteOff() {

@Transient annotation is not needed on methods that are used as read-only properties, they are not recognized by JPA anyway.
So you can safely accept the removal by Studio.

Odd. Studio put it there in the first place.

What is the @Transient annotation for, then?

Right, Studio did this before, it was a mistake.
@Transient is needed only for fields that you don’t want to store, but JPA would try map them to a column by default.