Tomcat Error (HTTP Status 404 - /app)

Hi All,

I am very new to the Cuba platform. I am using Cuba Studio v.6.3.1 - JDK 1.8
I have downloaded couple of sample projects and created a new simple one. I am able to successfully built and start any project. however, the web application link (http://localhost:8080/app) generates always the following tomcat error

HTTP Status 404 - /app
type Status report
message /app
description The requested resource is not available.

Note that I am using Apache Tomcat 8.0.38, and Tomcat is successfully installed. (http://localhost:8080 generates no error).

Any idea what I could be missing in setting up my working environment?

Many Thanks.

Could you attach build/tomcat/logs/app.log here?

Hi, This path is empty.
No files under C:\Users\Shady\studio-projects\sales\build\tomcat\logs

You don’t need to install Tomcat separately if you run applications from Studio. Moreover, a running standalone Tomcat may occupy port 8080 and not allow to run the Tomcat which is installed by Studio. Please make sure there is nothing running on port 8080 before opening a project in Studio.

You must remove "-Xmx512m " in file setenv.bat or, which locate in app_name/build/tomcat/bin

I have completely shutdown the “separate” Tomcat and made sure no process is occupying 8080. Still the same issue!

I tried removing the above from the 2 files. Still the same issue!

Did you use netstat to make sure that nothing else occupies the port?

netstat -an | find “8080”

I assume that you also restartet your PC

Hi Torben,

Yes Sure I did. No luck.

It means that Tomcat cannot run at all.

Try to open the command line, go to build\tomcat\bin folder and execute catalina run. Then post the output here.

Hi Konstantin,

please find the output attached.


As you can see from the output, Tomcat is trying to start not from the project folder but from C:\Program Files… due to some environment variables. Please remove all CATALINA_ and CLASSPATH variables and reboot your PC.

Thank You, It finally worked by removing the environment variables!