TokenList width hides the individual remove entry button if instance name is longer

In Cuba platform version 6.9.2

See 3rd and 6th entry in following example:

If the instance name of the entity selected by token list is larger than width, it hides the remove that entry button.



What CUBA Platform version do you use?


Cuba version is 6.9.2. Edited the original post. Sorry I missed that earlier.

One more question. Do you use macOS? I’m asking because in case the token’s caption is longer than token list width then the scrollbars are appearing but I don’t see scrollbars on your screenshot.

Yes, its a Mac and indeed its scrolling, scrollbars visible only after I start scrolling.

So it was my bad that I did not noticed the scrollable thing but its still not obvious when you look at it.

Is it possible to terminate the string after a certain width and show 3 dots ellipsis? Then full text can be shown on hover.

Thanks for the prompt support

Thank you for reporting the problem, I’ve created a GitHub issue.

For now, you can try to add custom styles to show 3 dots ellipsis.


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Thanks for the support