TokenList loses focus after LookupField selection


i saw that when the token list is used with a optionsDatasource so that there is an additional LookupField, after a selection of a particular element in the LookupField, the Focus is not in the LookupField anymore (see attached example project).

Would it be possible that, by default, after the selection of an element in the LookupField of the TokenList, the focus stays at the LookupField so that the user can do the following actions:

  1. TAB into lookupField
  2. “ARROW DOWN” to navigate to the first element
  3. ENTER to select the first element
  4. “ARROW DOWN” (2x) to navigate to the second element
  5. ENTER to select the second element

That would be a little bit better for the keyboard usage.

Mario (33.7K)

Hi, Mario.

We have created a YouTrack issue.
Thank you.

hi Rostislav,

great, thanks!

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: