Tokenlist is not recorded in the datasource

Hi @tsarev

Although in your recording demo it seems to work, it actually only works because you also updated the name property of the order. If you would create an order without selecting an item, save it, then reopen and select an item, again save it and reopen - the previously selected item would not show up. I have reproduced this in your demo project.

Somehow the change in selection from the tokenlist is not recorded in the datasource (it stays ‘not modified’) and changes are therefor not committed.

I’m experiencing the same problem in the latest 7.0.x release but it seems present in the latest version as well (I’ve updated your demo project and it is still reproducible, see (85.3 KB) ).

Would be nice if there is a solution or workaround to keep using the token list as it is a powerful component.


Hi @AlexBudarov

Thank you for taking note of my comment. Do you plan to take this issue into account? Or am I missing something about working with the TokenList?


thank you for reporting the problem. We have created an issue