Tips for multitenant ERP application

Good day to all.

I have the following need and I would like suggestions on how to solve it.
I’m developing an ERP, the system should allow the creation of one or more companies, these companies can only access certain users and the information shown on the only correspond with the company with the logged user default screens.
That part is solved with a class where I call companies and users and associate the past, companies and automatically define which company can enter default.
The problem arises when filtering the data, I happened create a filter that only displays information from the companies that the user has permission to log. This would be read-only filter to prevent changes by the user. Also create a new screen where you can change the company that I am logged.
Any suggestions about the concept is feasible ?, I want to apply? try to replicate the example saas proposed in the concept, but still not convince me.

I appreciate any suggestions.

Follow, this may help you.