Tips for deployment

Hi everybody,

to be honest, its my frist time, that I develop a crud web-application.
So, I would like to ask you about some hints/advises.

What can I do, to deploy and test the application on localhost? (I did the tutorial with bikeshop already, used Eclipse)

as I see, there is a fast deployment and a war deployment to tomcat windows service.

So, what tip would you give me, how it is most easy to understand?

Thanks a lot


In order to deploy and test your application on localhost you don’t have to do anything. Just click Run > Start application server in Studio and it will be deployed in deploy/tomcat folder of your project. This is what we call “Fast deployment to Tomcat”.

The easiest way to run your application on a production server is just copy the tomcat folder from your project to the server and launch tomcat/bin/startup.* script.

The second easiest way is to build UberJAR and run it on the server as a standalone Java application.


I have a question.
If I put the tomcat-folder on cloud, it want to know, which buildpack I use on it, like java_buildpack and so on.
How can I know it? And will be a buildpack used when I do “fast deployment”?

Kind regards