Time based data as a first class citizen for filtering and grouping


i’ve would like to share an idea with you and would be interested in what you think about it.

I see very often data in business applications that is time based. Examples of this would be: An order has a order date, prices have valid from and valid until dates etc.

Although the generic filter have possibilities to filter for Date types, the support of this time based data is not really what i would like to see. I think of possibilities in the framework like this:

  • filter for time ranges like show all order from april to september 2016, first quarter in 2016
  • filter via time range aggregates (all in 2016 + september 2015)
  • group data via time ranges (like in a pivot table from excel)

For now i’ve gone through different routes in order to get these requirements done. For filter e.g create & store filters upfront that does something similar for each quarter etc. or creating a custom input element that where the month can be selected. Nevertheless, i think something like this could be potential beneficial to a lot of business applications and therefore i thought of proposing that so that i might get into the platform by default.

Attached you’ll find a little excel sheet where you can have a look at the filter options on the column “order date” in case you don’t really know what i mean by that. I haven’t shown the grouping, but you can have a look at how the UI for this looks in excel here.

What do you think?


orders.xlsx (45.3K)

Hi Mario,
Thank you for the idea, it’s very valuable for us as we have plans to improve the Filter component and implement an in-memory PivotTable in a future release. We’ll certainly consider your requirements when start working on this - probably in October.

Hi Konstantin,

is this topic already implemented in 6.4? In the attached youtrack issue it is not covered by any version. Nevertheless a saw a similar topic about time ranges in the issue tracker.


Hi Mario,

In 6.4 we have implemented this feature: https://youtrack.cuba-platform.com/issue/PL-8098, so you will have “in interval” condition for date/time values. Such conditions were hard to create previously. Your requirements described in this topic can be quite easily modeled in the current filter implementation, so this issue has been put on hold.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: