There are no reports for this screen


This is my first report. I want to open the report from a browser screen and I have used listPrintForm action.

<treeDataGrid id="assetsTable"
		<action id="create" type="create"/>
		<action id="edit" type="edit"/>
		<action id="remove" type="remove"/>
		<action id="excel" type="excel"/>
		<action id="listPrintForm" type="listPrintForm" caption="msg://detailedEquipmentSummary"/>
		<column property="assetId"/>
		<column property="tagNo"/>
		<column property="type" id="assetTypeColumn"/>
		<column property="description"/>
		<column property="location" id="locationColumn"/>
		<column property="status"/>
		<column id="prd" caption="msg://prd"/>
		<column id="inspectionInterval" property="inspectionInterval" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="lastInspectionDt" property="lastInspectionDt" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="nextInspectionDt" property="nextInspectionDt" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="jurNo" property="jurNo" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="crnNo" property="crnNo" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="yearBuilt" property="yearBuilt" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="designCode" property="designCode" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="designCodeYear" property="designCodeYear" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="orientation" property="orientation" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="radiography" property="radiography" collapsed="true"/>
	   <column id="materialSpecification" property="materialSpecification" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="fluidType" property="fluidType" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="internalCoatingType" property="internalCoatingType" collapsed="true"/>
	   <column id="externalCoatingType" property="externalCoatingType" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="length" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="diameter" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="shellThickness" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="headThickness" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="shellMawp" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="shellMawt" collapsed="true"/>
		<column id="shellMdmt" collapsed="true"/>
	<buttonsPanel id="buttonsPanel"
		<button id="createBtn" action="assetsTable.create"/>
		<button id="editBtn" action="assetsTable.edit"/>
		<button id="removeBtn" action="assetsTable.remove"/>
		<button id="assetsTableExcelBtn" action="assetsTable.excel"/>
		<button id="assetsTableListPrintFormBtn" action="assetsTable.listPrintForm"/>

I have added that screen in the report as well.


The screen Id in the Controller is also matching.


I don’t know why I’m getting this error when I try to open the report from Browser screen.


Kindly let me know what wrong I’m doing.


Can you show me Report template (Reports -> your report name -> Default template -> Download template)? The possible reason of this behaviour is using report for entity that is not contained in this screen and parameters that are not associated with this entity.


Hi @v.beketova,

Thanks for responding.

Below is the report Template.
Detailed Equipment Summary - Vessels (12).xlsx (11.5 KB)

I assume that you select entities by a JPQL query. To get a report of this type you need to use another action. Please try the “runReport” action instead of “listPrintForm”.


Yes, I use JPQL query. For what kind of query listPrintForm will work?

The action listPrintForm only selects reports having an external parameter of the Entity or the List of entities (no query) type and where the parameter entity type matches the entity type displayed by the list component.

More information about running report from screens you can see at this page


That makes sense. Thanks.

By the way, I was exploring Groovy Dataset, do you have any example or guide of how to create groovy script for this type of DataSet?

I initially used JPQL dataset for this report, then I saw ID values appearing in the report for Enumeration, then I found some forum post suggesting to use Groovy DataSet if I need Enum captions in the report output.

I tried Groovy script without much like, with lack of time to develop the report, I had an idea to change the dataset to List of Entities and passed the entities to be printed in output from my code.

Still I’m eager to learn groovy reports, hence I could use them in advance / complex reports which i will be developing in future.

Here are some examples of groovy scripts that may help you: Example1, Example2, Example3