Themes are not clear and also how to enhance UI with the current trends

Dear team,
I have started learning Cuba 1 week ago ,I have created a simple login page I am confused with themes I have used existing theme halo and no changes appeared in login page. I have to make red background full page and just a login window floating over it, my login page images is given above. Please help me team.
Thanks & Regards
Sahil Vichare

Hello Sahil,

Are you sure you need to start with CUBA Platform?
There is Jmix which is a new generation of the same project.


@krivopustov yes I am sure sir please help me with cuba learning as I am not getting any more resources .

OK, in order to change background of the login screen to red do the following:

  1. Create login screen in your project: New -> Screen -> Login screen, call it login-ext.

    Now you have the source code of the screen and you can modify it as you need. Look at this style name, you’ll need it later:

    <layout stylename="c-login-main-layout" expand="loginWrapper">
  2. Extend halo theme: Themes -> Manage Themes -> Create Theme Extension, then add to halo-ext.scss:

    @mixin com_company_demo-halo-ext {
     .c-login-main-layout {
         background-color: red;
  3. Switch to halo theme in

    cuba.web.theme = halo

That’s it. See more at Extending an Existing Theme - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

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